The demand for information in the general public is growing, especially in relation to the fields of medicine and dentistry. Meeting these needs and the health-related competencies for all patients is a central focus of our health care system.

Those who are interested in quality-assured and product-neutral information relating to the field of dentistry can find first-hand information on the “patients” page on the State Dental Association of Hesse website.

The patient flyers published by the State Dental Association of Hesse and the Hessian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Hessen, KZVH), which are regularly updated and reviewed, are a helpful tool. These flyers provide a compact and easily understandable overview of the most important information on topics such as nutrition, illness, and various form of care.

Our Dentist Search function helps patients to quickly find a suitable dental care provider. We also provide a list of links to initiatives and specialist associations that contain detailed information on topics from the field of dentistry and oral, and maxillofacial medicine.

State Dental Association of Hesse patient advice service

The State Dental Association of Hesse (LZKH) offers patients a telephone hotline for neutral and cost-free advice.

By calling 069 427275-169, patients can reach our team of qualified advisors who will answer any questions relating to dental and oral health, dental treatment, and the billing of (private) dental treatment.

Different types of material for fillings, dentures, periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment, treatment using implants, the newest dental treatment procedures, and dentists who specialise in certian fields, for example, paediatric dentistry.

The patient advisors can also provide answers to questions relating to the billing of private dental treatment, accounting procedures for dental services and dental treatment processes in a comprehensive, appropriate, objective and competent manner. They are also available for cases requiring an assessor opinion or mediation.