Pilot Project: “Postgraduate Qualification”

In the past, the State Dental Association of Hesse has, within the framework of its "Fit for the Future" programme, repeatedly pointed out that a structured consolidation of the contents of university training is necessary for independent work in a freelance dental practice. This problem has been considerably aggravated by the reduced number of patients being treated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Newcomers to the profession require the necessary knowledge for successful practice management in line with today’s requirements.

The State Dental Association of Hesse has therefore developed the Postgraduate Qualification Pilot Project as part of its "Fit for Future" programme in cooperation with the Hessian Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists and in consultation with the Carolinum Zahnärztliches Universitäts-Institut gGmbH in Frankfurt. At teaching dental practices in Hesse, the project aims to provide newcomers to the profession with a teaching programme that focuses on practice-oriented general dentistry. Each participating dental assistant also completes a 13-day compulsory training programme spread over the two years of the preparation phase.

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