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Dr. Markus Schulte

General Manager

Your centre of excellence for dentistry – the State Dental Association of Hesse (LZKH)

In addition to fulfilling our legally defined obligations as a corporation under public law, we support our members from the dental profession with information and advice relating to practice management and exercising the profession. At our subsidiary, the Dental Training Academy Hesse GmbH (Fortbildungsakademie Zahnmedizin Hessen GmbH - FAZH), we offer comprehensive further training for dentists and dental assistants.

Patient protection and satisfaction are also at the forefront of the activities of the State Dental Association of Hesse. Patient information is an important concern in this context. At the patient advice office, specifically set up for this purpose, the LZKH offers a central point of contact for members of the public to help answer questions relating to the field of dentistry. In this way, the association meets the increasing demand of patients for information as well as with the public, quality-assured designation of specialist areas of practice in dentistry

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Pension fund for dentists

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